Unigreen S.p.A

Crop protection

Their history began during the first half of the 80's, producing equipment for agricultural crop protection under the name of Fullspray S.p.A. with a complete range of mounted and trailed herbicide spraying machines of small to medium dimensions. After some rapid developments, market demand required the introduction of an accompanying range of machines equipped with fans (mist blowers).

With the incorporation of GB S.p.A., a company already producing mist blowers and large herbicide spraying machines since the 70's, this operation was accomplished. Unigreen S.p.A. was formed by the fusion of the two Companies in the 90's, which , over the years has continually increased its existence in the market until it has become one of the major Italian companies for business volume. Our philosophy has always been to invest in resources for the study of products and highly specialised types of applications, for the territorial complexity and for the multiplicity of crops and cultivation, in which our machines are required to operate.

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