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Men, Ideas, Machines

BREVIGLIERI was created over 50 years ago by Oreste Breviglieri, a farmer’s son, who found inspiration by observing the hard labour of his own people. In 1949 the dreams of this young, good-willing and ingenious man found a practical outlet and were finally accomplished through ideas, men and machines.

The aim was to find easier ways to work the land, anticipating the great changes which were coming forth, thus leading to a fuller mechanization of agricultural labour.

Today’s BREVIGLIERI follows the directions given by its founder, and can dispose of a growing selection of new products which have been deviced to meet the needs of modern farming.

This same philosophy, pursued with tenacity and consistency, has enabled BREVIGLIERI Agricultural Machines to carve for itself a relevant position in the market at international level.

About two thirds of the production, in fact, is exported in over 50 countries around the world.

The high standards of professional competence which distinguish the trademark, guarantee the efficiency of all sales transactions.

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