Barenbrug UK Ltd

Supplying the very highest quality grass seeds

As one of the largest grass seed producers in the UK, Barenbrug is a leading player, distributing more than 4,000 tonnes of grass seed each year through an efficient network in both amenity and forage markets.

Seed breeding 
Quality has everything to do with success of your profession and our profession is plant breeding; selecting and developing plants for various applications, as we specialise in grass. Barenbrug spends a lot of time and effort on the quality of its products. All seed production for Barenbrug is produced to the Higher Voluntary Standards (HVS), which is unique to the UK guaranteeing a higher level of purity and germination. Barenbrug always aims to surpass the HVS standards. All cleaning procedures in our production facilities are closely monitored to prevent any contamination. All grass seeds sold comply with the minimum standards of the UK Seeds Registration and/or the ECC Seeds Directives. Certificates of purity and germination can be supplied on request. 

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