Keep up the full potential of your forest machines

Tuning day is an event where a machine’s technical condition, settings, pressures and performance are checked in situ in the natural working environment. As a result, the machine’s performance level is either raised or returned to a high level.

The Tuning Day comprises various options that can be chosen by the customer. The instructor can concentrate on the technical aspects of the machine or on the operator’s working methods – or on both, according to the training program agreed on and put together with the customer.

The machine report and TimberLink data analysis are key points covered during machine Tuning Day. TimberLink gives a clear picture of the machine’s condition and productivity, as well as changes over a longer period or time.

TimberLink Machine Report

The TimberLink machine reports give a clear picture of a harvester’s productivity and fuel consumption. From the TimberLink machine report, you can easily see the harvester’s productivity, fuel consumption, and technical condition in comparison with other machines working under similar conditions.

The machine report can be compiled in the forest or at the office. It is created separately for each operator, even if the machine report mainly deals with the harvester’s condition and productivity. Based on the report, tips for developing working methods and optimizing fuel consumption can be given for each operator.

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